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  • AM2 The importance of Maths in the care of the body

    04 juin 2017 ( #Poland, #Maths )

    Two students prepared also two projects, one about breakfasts eaten all over the world. The calorie intake and the amount of macronutrients taken were studied and compared. The project was presented during the Foreign Languages Days held annually at school Two...

  • SM Poland Romania

    04 juin 2017 ( #Poland, #MM, #Romania )

  • AH1 Vision of the human body and antropomorhic forms

    05 juin 2017 ( #Poland, #History )

    This is aclip which was the springboard for the discussion about vision of the human obdy in art. vvTo study evolution of human beauty and ways of presenting it in art since the ancient times, we chose one sculpture and one painting which represented...

  • MM One month in Spain

    02 décembre 2015 ( #France, #Mobility, #Spain )

    Voici une synthèse d'un séjour Erasmus+ de deux jeunes filles de 14 ans parties un mois en immersion en Galice par le biais du projet BODY dont le collège Boris Vian de Coudekerque Branche est coordinateur. L'intégration des personnes différentes: La...

  • AM4 - Mathematics and nature

    09 janvier 2017 ( #Romania, #Poland, #Maths, #MM )

    The students, in preparing for this activity, took pictures (in nature, of people, of real life situations). They chose one in which they could see something mathematical and wrote essays describing the math “hidden” in the picture. On 27 th October they...

  • AH4 A trip in time

    16 février 2017 ( #France, #History )

    First, the history teacher made a short introduction explaining the main facts of WWII, focusing on Operation Dynamo that occurred in Dunkirk in May-June 1940. Then, the students made some research about the living conditions during WWII in France and...

  • 2015-2016 Summary Actions: England France Romania Poland

    09 octobre 2016 ( #France, #England, #Romania, #Poland, #Diffusion )

  • TM2 Italy

    15 octobre 2016 ( #France, #Poland, #Romania, #Italy, #Portugal, #England, #Mobility )

    The second Transnational Meeting of our Erasmus+ BODY project took place in Casalmaggiore in Italy. With our 5 partners, 18 teachers, we have developed the topics and options for this school year. We had many workshops and presentations of commun works,...

  • PH8 Workshop Photolanguage

    04 décembre 2016 ( #France, #Hospital )

    This workshop fall under the prolongation of themeetings led to the college around the self-confidence. One class tries to work on different pictures and develop skills of literacy. The photo-language enables us to understand in an better way and really...

  • AO9 Stop Bullying here

    30 avril 2017 ( #France, #Others )

    The students from the 4th form Erasmus+ group (aged 13-14) watched some videos, then had an in-depth discussion about bullying and cyber bullying and thought about the best actions to be taken when facing them. Finally, they created posters giving meaningful...

  • ACE5 Civic Education

    10 février 2017 ( #Portugal, #Civic Education )

    Skills targeted - Learning about volunteering - Learning to use body language to communicate - Autonomy - Communication through a by a personage - Learning about NFE methods - To be able to use social games Aims and description: Short sessions in each...

  • PDP3 Improving self image and esteem

    04 janvier 2017 ( #France, #Disabled )

    I m Sophia. I had the opportunity to take part in a course in Portugal, from 25th of June to 02nd of July 2016, about European project Erasmus+ “BODY”. During this mobility, I carried out a two days internship on the self-confidence. The internship was...

  • PE Health and well-being

    25 mai 2017 ( #Poland, #Romania, #Italy, #France, #Portugal, #England )

    . - kinds of intelligence psychotest.docx Our well-being to the great extent depends on our self-esteem and self-confidence. And it is mainly the school success which gives a boost to our self-esteem. Needless to say, we are all different, with varied...

  • PE1 Study of motor skills

    22 mai 2016 ( #France, #PE, #England, #Portugal )

    During the mobility with Portuguese, English and French Students offered a variety of exercises and games letting them stay in or gain a good shape and trimmed body. Some chosen motor skills of students was tried and compared between the partners. The...

  • SM Poland

    15 janvier 2017 ( #Poland, #SM, #Italy, #Portugal )

    Uploaded by Sylwia Tambelli on 2016-12-28.

  • AH2 Ancient Olympic Games in ancient Greece

    07 décembre 2016 ( #France, #History )

    During 2 hours, pupils have discovered the ancient olympic games spirit and practices. Students become familiar with the main ancient Greek perspective on exercising body through sports and cultivating soul through music. This way ancient Greeks harmonize...


    22 février 2017 ( #Portugal, #Mother Tongue )

    Skills targeted - Reading and listening skills - Describing people and characters - Learning letters, words and funny expressions in different languages - Empathy towards other cultures - Learning about different cultures Aims and description: An afternoon...

  • PH4 May I ask you a question?

    28 mai 2017 ( #Poland, #Hospital )

    It is always better to prevent than cure. For celebrating the World Health Day we organized two days event ‘Światowy Dzień Zdrowia’. It consisted of a series of lectures, followed by presentation of projects made by students and a contest of general knowledge...

  • AA1 Drawing the Body

    06 mai 2017 ( #France, #Arts, #England, #Romania )

    One day on the beach during mobility in France in Erasmus+ project was the opportunity for pupils to get stuck into the sand sculptures and topic was “BODY” - which they had already discussed after few minutes of brainstorming. It was hailed a huge success....

  • COO8 Maths and logic

    22 mai 2017 ( #France, #Cooperation, #Congress )

    During the mobility in France, English, French and Romanian pupils have to solve mathematical puzzles of logic, of calculation or geometrical of different levels of difficulties. They shared with their penfriend and had 10 minutes to solve each. They...

  • AH2 Sports in ancient Greece from a foreigner's point of view

    16 janvier 2017 ( #Poland, #History, #Italy, #Portugal )

    Uploaded by Sylwia Tambelli on 2016-12-29. The aim of this activity was searching for differences between the ancient Olympic Games and the modern ones. Students were given two texts - one was a simplified tape-script of a discussion between Solon, a...

  • PH5 Together for a better cause

    18 décembre 2016 ( #France, #Hospital )

    The college Boris Vian engaged in an interdependent event which enables us to sensitize with the gift and the re-employment around a pretty cause. We collected 5 large bags of toys. After a public awareness campaign in all the classes, the posters published...

  • PT4 Drama Club

    25 mai 2017 ( #Poland, #National Theatre )

    Drama club meetings were held for two months and they took three hours a week. During the meetings we adapted the script, cast actors and rehearsed the play. Special attention was paid to consistence between the body and the words, as one shouldn’t contradict...

  • PT5 Theater home and abroad

    29 avril 2017 ( #France, #Theater )

    OBJECT A partnership between the nationale scene of Bateau Feu, Epahd and the College Boris Vian for season 2016/2017 , took place for the project “Erasmus +Body” and carried out with the old people's home Yvon Duval de Coudekerque Branche. The partnership...

  • AO9 Bullying stops here

    04 juin 2017 ( #Poland, #Others )

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