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Les articles "national theatre"

PT4 Drama Club Poland, National Theatre

PT4 Drama Club

Drama club meetings were held for two months and they took three hours a week. During the meetings we adapted the...

25 Mai 2017

APT2 Short theatre plays Poland, National Theatre

APT2 Short theatre plays

Etiuda filmowa powstała w ramach warsztatów kreatywnej edukacji morskiej projektu Legenda Morska Gdyni Film wykonany...

6 Janvier 2017

PT6 A workshop with a real actor Italy, National Theatre, Romania, Poland

PT6 A workshop with a real actor

During the Erasmus week in Italy the Polish, Romanian and Italian students took part in a workshop with a real...

22 Juin 2016

PT9 Language and body language Italy, National Theatre, Poland, Romania

PT9 Language and body language

22 Juin 2016

PT5 Theatre home and abroad Italy, National Theatre, Theater

PT5 Theatre home and abroad

This video shows the final result of some of the Drama activities led by specialized directors

15 Juin 2016

APT3 Ice breaking activities Poland, National Theatre, Italy, Romania

APT3 Ice breaking activities

We meet each other for the first time! The first meeting of students from Romania and Italy in Poland was a good...

18 Avril 2016