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Erasmus+ BODY

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Course Opera in Dunkerque France, France lycée, Course, Mobility

Course Opera in Dunkerque

During the mobilities in Dunkerque for the Erasmus+ BODY project, teachers from 6 different countries tried at...

20 Mars 2017

Course Drama in Dunkerque France, France lycée, Mobility, Course

Course Drama in Dunkerque

During the seminary in France, teachers from 6 different countries had a lesson of drama from a professional comedian,...

18 Mars 2017

Course Dance in Dunkerque France, Mobility, Course

Course Dance in Dunkerque

During the course of Dance from the Erasmus+ project BODY, 25 adults had lesson of many actions to feel and discover...

17 Mars 2017

Course Dunkerque France, Course, Portugal, Romania, Poland, Italy, England

Course Dunkerque

15 Mars 2017

Course The Voice- Portugal France, Course, Portugal

Course The Voice- Portugal

During one week, we spent a course about Voice in Portugal- Leiria. Teachers from 6 different countries enjoyed...

16 Août 2016

2016 Course in Portugal France, Portugal, Poland, Italy, England, Romania, Course

2016 Course in Portugal

30 Juin 2016