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Les articles "coo"

ACOO5 Appreciation time! Poland, COO

ACOO5 Appreciation time!

Sometimes we tend to forget it is the smallest, most usual, everyday things we should appreciate most, which means...

30 Septembre 2017

COO9 Eating habits of teen agers Italy, Healthy eating, cooking workshop, Civic Education, COO

COO9 Eating habits of teen agers

The cooking activity is held both in our primary and secondary school to promote a healthy lifestyle and to make...

12 Juillet 2017

COO8 Be smart, be free! France, COO, Romania, England

COO8 Be smart, be free!

Uploaded by Erasmus Monsters Productions on 2017-06-11. Students were split into groups made up of Romanian, French...

11 Juin 2017

COO4 Body Language France, COO, Romania, England

COO4 Body Language

During the mobility in our college Boris Vian of Coudekerque Branche, pupils had this activity. In groups of 4...

3 Mai 2017