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Erasmus+ BODY

AO9 Bullying stops here Poland, Others

AO9 Bullying stops here

4 Juin 2017

Body and Geography Congress, Romania, France, Poland, Portugal, Italy, England

Body and Geography

The workshop aimed at teaching students how to moderate a workshop and how to get the best results with the human...

31 Mai 2017

Health Risks workshop Congress, Romania, France, Poland, Portugal, Italy, England

Health Risks workshop

The main aim of this activity is to measure the CO level in the proximity of the high school. A vehicle remotely...

29 Mai 2017

Body and Science Congress, Romania, France, Poland, Portugal, England, Italy

Body and Science

During the workshop called “The electromagnetic spectrum”, students have learned about the effect of radiation...

29 Mai 2017

PH4 May I ask you a question? Poland, Hospital

PH4 May I ask you a question?

It is always better to prevent than cure. For celebrating the World Health Day we organized two days event ‘Światowy...

28 Mai 2017

AH4 A Trip in Time Poland, History, England, Romania, Italy, France, Portugal

AH4 A Trip in Time

All the partner schools were assigned to contribute 20 – 30 questions with multiple questions about one period...

26 Mai 2017

PT4 Drama Club Poland, National Theatre

PT4 Drama Club

Drama club meetings were held for two months and they took three hours a week. During the meetings we adapted the...

25 Mai 2017

 PE Health and well-being Poland, Romania, Italy, France, Portugal, England

PE Health and well-being

. - kinds of intelligence psychotest.docx Our well-being to the great extent depends on our self-esteem and self-confidence....

25 Mai 2017

COO8 Maths and logic France, Cooperation, Congress

COO8 Maths and logic

During the mobility in France, English, French and Romanian pupils have to solve mathematical puzzles of logic,...

22 Mai 2017

PDP5 Giving is better than taking: Collect plastic caps France, Disabled people

PDP5 Giving is better than taking: Collect plastic caps

The cooperation between local partners and the college Boris Vian of Coudekerque Branche doesn’t need to be proved....

22 Mai 2017

PT7 Amphytrion France, Theater

PT7 Amphytrion

A group of pupils from the college Boris VIan went to the Bateau Feu and enjoyed a Moliere’s representation. Amphitryon...

21 Mai 2017

PE3 Dance Session France, PE, Italy, Romania, Poland, Portugal, England, Congress

PE3 Dance Session

During the congress in Romanian, pupils in mixed groups of 4-5 had a workshop of dance sessions. During one sessions,...

16 Mai 2017

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