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Erasmus+ BODY

PT7 Arlequin poli par l'Amour France, Theater

PT7 Arlequin poli par l'Amour

A group of 25 pupils was at the Bateau Feu, to see a lovely, fantastic and crazy show.As usual at the end, they...

30 Novembre 2016

PT7 Quichotte France, Theater

PT7 Quichotte

A group of twelve pupils, 12 years old, were during for the first time in the evening, to the Bateau to watch a...

24 Novembre 2016

PT7 R.A.G.E France, Theater


Twelve pupils were lucky to watch an amazing show with puppets in the theater Bateau Feu. And if what we see were...

24 Novembre 2016

PT7 Tout reste à faire France, Theater

PT7 Tout reste à faire

One group of 15 pupils were at the one woman show in the Bateau Feu. To sing, speak, to fight against the abatement....

24 Novembre 2016

PT7 Nuit blanche à Ouagadougou France, Theater

PT7 Nuit blanche à Ouagadougou

Our pupils were in a show to watch the Faso Danse Company at the National Scene Bateau Feu. A generous and nourished...

24 Novembre 2016

AMU3 Relaxing time Romania, MM, Music, Poland

AMU3 Relaxing time

The 9th graders participated in an activity named “Relaxing time” where relaxation was done through music and color....

10 Novembre 2016