When seen from the outside, our school seems a citadel. It looks like a castle from the movies.

This, plus the uniform attraction and the idea of being a little soldier for one day has made the students from two general schools from our district want to find out more.

Consequently, we hosted 20 students in our school for one day. They tried to respect the program and, guided by our students, discovered a little bit of the charm of our school. They attended classes, had meals in our school canteen, did their homework together and had the typical military high school activities.

The activity was particularly attractive for the students from the outside, who will most probably applying for our school after this activity. Our students had a lot to gain as well, as they played the role of mentors, trying to be of help and feeling appreciated and important.

All in all, it was a great day. We all had a lot to learn, in terms of communication and human interraction. We bonded, made friends and learnt that each of us matters.

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