: The activity was organized in collaboration with the Medical Center Bucovina, one of our local partners. This center trains nurses and other categories of medical stuff. The moderators were doctors and nurses: a physiotherapist, a psychiatrist and a GP.

The first workshop thought them about the normal changes the human body goes through during aging and about the special cases, in which one physical deficiency triggers many other negative aspects (for instance, they learnt about the connection about the shape of the spine and different walking abnormalities)

Another topic presented was the changes in the whole human body, especially at brain level, caused by the intake of drugs. A specialist working in the psychiatry hospital talked to the students about the dangers of getting addicted and about the negative effect drugs have on us.

The third topic were the changes the human body goes through during pregnancy.

The last one was debating on voluntarily chosen changes, starting from tattoos and piercing and continuing traditions

PH2 Workshop on body transformations
PH2 Workshop on body transformations
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