- To discuss ancient Greek attitudes towards healthy diet and well-being compared to that of modern attitudes and their own ideas concerning healthy eating and overall well-being.


Students were given a lesson on the eating habits and of ancient Greeks and their approach to physical, emotional and mental well-being. They learned about what foods they typically ate, how they prepared meals and what different people, of different levels of society, would usually eat on a daily basis. Additionally, they explored the spiritual attitude that people of ancient Greece had towards what foods they ate and the completion of regular exercise.


Students then discussed what modern day approaches we have towards healthy eating and whether there are any similarities and/or differences between the attitudes of both eras, before discussing their own eating habits and attitude concerning exercise and mental well-being with their peers and whether their approach was deemed "healthy" or not, according to national guidelines.


- Students enjoyed discussing their own eating habits and attitudes towards exercise, whilst also giving other students advice on theirs. 

- Learning about the natural ingredients that were used in ancient Greek cuisine exposed students to the variety of healthy food available nowadays, whereas the national guidelines directed them on how much they should be eating.



 AH5 – A healthy mind in a healthy body
 AH5 – A healthy mind in a healthy body
 AH5 – A healthy mind in a healthy body
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