-to create a poster on how to combat bullying at school and present the poster to younger students and offer personal advice.


A group of year 8 students researched the causes and effects of bullying on students in schools.


With the year 8 learning mentor, they had a group discussion on whether any of their friends, or them personally, had been bullied in the past and the reason for which they were bullied.


The group produced an Academy official poster on the short term and long term effects of bullying that was displayed around the school and in classrooms. This meant that younger students coming into the school had readily available advice if they needed it.


The poster offered the "top ten tips" of what to do if you are being bullied and which staff members to go to for help – for example the SLO team. It also offered personal experiences that the year 8 students had had with bullying and how they overcame it.


The poster was so successful that the group of year 8s, and Miss Macarthur, toured around the year 7 tutor groups to present the advice, in person, to younger students of the academy and offer a questions and answers session.


Students learned about the emotional and physical pain caused by bullying and were able to discuss their thoughts and experiences in a safe environment in order to try to prevent bullying happening in the Academy in the future.

AO9     Bullying stops hereAO9     Bullying stops here
AO9     Bullying stops hereAO9     Bullying stops here
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