AO6    Happiness with carnivalAO6    Happiness with carnival
AO6    Happiness with carnivalAO6    Happiness with carnival


- to celebrate own culture and traditions and explore creative writing.


At the start of October, students were given the opportunity to win prizes for their house and themselves on the topic of Hull Fair, which is a famous fair that comes to Hull every year. 


Students were asked to create an A4 piece of creative writing (a poem, story, diary entry etc.) to describe and explain the experiences waiting at Hull fair. They would receive 5 points for quality of presentation, quality of writing and number of entries per house. There would be a prize for the house that had the most entries and an individual prize for the best entry.


Overall, there were 365 entries. These entries included posters on how to keep safe at Hull fair, poems about the sights of Hull fair, diary entries of past experiences and lots of posters about what you can see, smell and taste there. Meaux house won the competition overall with an impressive 145 entries, Reivaulx came second with 61 entries and Whitby came third with 59 entries.


The individual winner of the competition was V. Swierczewska from Reivaulx house who wrote a poem about Hull Fair.


Every year students get excited about Hull fair and enjoyed celebrating this famous part of their culture in a way that informed others about it. V.Swierczewska commented that "it was nice to have pride in our city and what we do here".

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