- To learn about how listening to music can act as a relaxation technique to overcome stress.


Over the course of a month, tutor group 7LGU explored the use of music as a relaxation and meditation technique. This involved listening to a different style of relaxation music every Monday. For example, meditation music, classical music and sounds of the ocean.


Every Monday morning, students began the week with closed eyes as they listened to a different type of relaxation music for 15-20 minutes.


Later that day, students would discuss the music they had listened to in the morning, with their tutor and peers, and whether they would listen to it again/wouldn't listen to it again and why.


After a month, students voted for the type of relaxation music they preferred and why and for which type of music they liked the least and why. After the vote, a discussion was held on whether any of the students would continue to use music as a form of relaxation and 82% of students agreed that they would, even if it was not using the music they had listened to over the past month.


- Some students commented on how it was nice to start the school week with a bit of ‘’down time’’ before going to lessons.

- Most students voted for the meditation music as their favourite type of relaxation music because there were no words and the music was ‘’different from what they usually listen to’’ and made them feel ‘’calm’’.

- Two typically naughty students benefited from having twenty minutes to themselves once a week to relax because they left for lessons in a calmer state than usual, resulting in fewer behaviour incidents for disruption.

- Students were able to link the effect that music can have on our mood. For example, pop music makes us happy and relaxation music makes them tired/calm.

AMU3 Relaxing Time AMU3 Relaxing Time AMU3 Relaxing Time
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