- To make music as part of a group and as a way of expressing emotions, using a new instrument and style.



French, Romanian and English students had a drumming lesson, based on the drumming style of West Africa - jembe. In this lesson, students were taught how to use a new instrument in order to create a sequence of sounds and rhythms and potentially as a way of expressing their emotions.


Initially, the teacher sounded a simple sequence of beats, which the rest of the class copied, then students were then split into groups and taught how to play the drums in a specific sequence in order to create sounds as a group. They were taught different techniques to stay in time with the rest of the class and not to simply beat the drum as they pleased.


- Students learnt how to play a new instrument as a group to create a piece of music. Students realised that playing the drums is quite a physical activity and one which brings about a range of emotions and therefore could be used to explore their emotions. A couple of students expressed how playing the drums could act as a stress relief because you can ‘’make loud noises’’ and you have to ‘’use a bit of strength to play it for a long time.’’

- All students enjoyed being able to create a piece of music together, and therefore communicate, without necessarily being able to converse at length in one language.

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