During the school year we experimented some lessons and school activities with music in background. This aimed to help students overcome their personality problems, reduce school stress and eliminate negative emotions.

Students were aware that school is not really as stressful as they believed and they could find wellness at school as well.

It is believed that appropriately chosen music can improve classroom behaviour and atmosphere, which in turn improves learning outcomes. As a general rule though, the more complex the learning task, the more distracting background music becomes. Most students like having background music in the classroom. Students report the following positive benefits of background music:

  • It shuts out distractions. I get immersed in my own world and become more productive.
  • It puts me in a positive frame of mind and a better mood. It gives me a general feeling of well-being.
  • It calms me before a large task and I stay focused for longer.
  • It makes time go by fast, it helps me work quicker.
  • It’s good for repetitive homework tasks
  • It helps me reflect
  • It helps my creativity (Einstein is well known for associating music and creativity)
  • It makes studying more enjoyable.


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