We are all creators: A workshop with a stage director

The workshop started from the idea we are all actors and we have the power to create a movie character easily.

The students watched a fragment from a movie, identified the character s emotions and then tried to act it themselves. They were helped by the Movie director who ran the workshop and worked in groups of four, paying attention the technical details explained to them in advance.

Then they played on the stage, enjoying it very much. Starting from the original story, they recreated the characters, transferring part of their own emotions and personality.

In the second part of the workshop focused on role-plays. Starting from given situations, the students created small plays, focusing on different emotions.

The activity aimed at developing their body language, along with broadening their understanding of art. By playing in front of the others they became more confident and relaxed. It was a good chance for them to work together, to share emotions together, to tighten the bonds.


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