Each student received a “My name is” card, with a word written on it (happy, joy, sun, warm, excited, ) They divided into 7 teams, according to the card’s colour (red, yellow, dark blue, light blue, orange, green and purple) and they figured out a word that embodies all their names (summer, school, teacher, runner, holiday, ). In order to do this, they had to think about characteristics of the assigned words and find a common thread, so they used their critical thinking.

Afterwards, they used their creativity and communication skills to make a short scenario that illustrates the concept they thought of. Each group played the scene to the others, to guess the word they found.

This activity was made during the short mobility in Romania. The students involved were the 18 students from France and England that took part in the mobility and 12 students from the National Military High School „Ștefan cel Mare”.

The teachers involved were teachers from The National Military High School „Ștefan cel Mare”.

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