The activity began with a discussion about body language. The students analyzed some photos and decided whether to trust or not the people that they were seeing. Together with the teachers, they identified 4 aspects that are very important when meeting a new person: facial expression, hand gestures, body posture and clothing. They divided into 8 groups (two groups for each category) and researched on the internet do’s and don’ts for each of the 4 areas. After gathering the necessary information, they thought of a scenario in order to teach the rest of the students what they had learnt. The last part of the activity consisted of the 8 presentations given by the students: images, short illustrations, presentations on flipchart.

This activity was made during the short mobility in Romania. The students involved were the 18 students from France and England that took part in the mobility and 17 students from the National Military High School „Ștefan cel Mare”The teachers involved were teachers from The National Military High School „Ștefan cel Mare”.

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