AO8 Canteen food

For one week during a lunch break, which is significantly shorter in Polish schools than the in foreign ones and it lasts only 15 minutes, we were taking a photo of all the three courses our lunch usually consists of. In spite of attempts to introduce healthy cooking, people in charge of menu planning, above all try to make them cheap, monotonous and almost on the edge of repulsive. Fresh, local vegetables are hardly ever served and even if they are, children don’t eat them because they are often not accustomed to them and they don’t like the way they are served. Moreover there is no choice as far as lunch is concerned, vegetarians or allergic children simply bring lunches from home. Nutritional value of the meals is more or less respected and upheld with the rules.  Parents from time to time try to organize protests against tasteless food, however, until they are cheap enough, they still make their children eat them. There is still a lot of to be done in order to change lunch policy at school.  


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