AH1 Application of nutritional and exercise programme

This action was realized in cooperation with the City Hall which runs the programme of preventing civilisation diseases among children and teenagers, aged, as the title itself  indictaes 6, 10, 14. If parents agree, the child is submitted to an examination conducted by doctors, the aim of which is screening children from the high-risk groups. They undergo complex examination, checking their weight, height, degree of maturity, sight, hearing loss, sugar levels in blood and others.  Families of the children who are at the risk of illness are contacted and professional health care is planned and offered to them. The founder of the programme is the City of Gdansk, schools, however, are supposed to encourage parents to allowing their children to access the project and it is school where the first screen examination takes place. It is very important for us to benefit from the programme and convince parents and children it is worth to undergo the examination.

http://www.dlazdrowia.uck.gda.pl/o_programie/program_61014_dla_zdrowia http://www.dlazdrowia.uck.gda.pl/
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