Music therapy is an alternative therapy for our students which involves using movement, sound and music, in order to open new channels of communication. We organized sessions for all the youngers 11 years old a series of Tibetan bowls sessions in which a group of disabled children shared with students how to feel different kinds of music. This helped them increase their self-esteem and feel worthy and valued.
This workshop Helped the physically disabled children integrate in an activity together.

The musicotherapy is a care or pratice, rehabilitation or counseling, using the sound and the music under their all forms, as way of expression, communication, structuring and analysis.
It addresses people with psychological, sensorial, physical troubles or psychosocial difficulties. It is based on the close links between the components of music and the subject's history, but also on the interactions between the pupils, the musicotherapist and the music.

PDP4 Helping at the recovery center
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