Health Risks workshop
Health Risks workshop
Health Risks workshop
Health Risks workshop

The main aim of this activity is to measure the CO level in the proximity of the high school.

A vehicle remotely controlled was used in order to achieve this aim. This vehicle was called „Rover”. Firstly, a member of the robotics team showed the way to assemble, disassemble and control the Rover. Afterwards, each student assembled and disassembled the rover and controlled it in the various ground condition. The rover has a sensor which measures the CO level and will do this from 10 to 10 seconds. Data were saved on a SD Card. Next, data was read from rover using a laptop and the results were compared with the ones from the home locality of the foreigners.

Finally, another member of the robotics team talked about the risks of a greater concentration of monoxide than normal.

The aims of the activity:
  • knowing the importance of keeping a low level of CO in the atmosphere;
  • growing into students healthy habits;
  • developing team spirit;
  • developing communication skills;
  • developing technical abilities;
  • movement coordination development.
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