Once again, with Erasmus+ BODY, an activity was practiced with lot of fun, some concentration and the quality to give a lot of self-confidence and enjoy friends. Romanian, English and friends were so happy ..without taking care of scores. For many it was their first time! It is one sport that anyone can excel in regardless of age, which challenges you physically, mentally, tactically (strategies) and technically (the science of the sport) .
Bowling can help tone the arms and legs, and additionally sculpt the waist. It takes incredible focus and muscle control to be successful in the sport. It’s a wonderful, low-impact aerobic activity that they enjoy together! Bowling is a sport performed inside a bowling alley; players attempt to score points by rolling a weighted ball along a flat surface in order to knock down objects called pins. The object of this game is to score higher than your opponent.
This makes bowling one of the largest participated sports in the world!


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