The task was performed with the help of teachers and lecturers from Gdynia Film School and Gdynia Development Agency. After the lecture delivered by a film director Slawomir Pultyn students brainstormed for ideas and then went to write scripts of their own short films. They chose locations, cast, prompts they needed to record their stories and rehearsed their roles. They were asked to play special attention to body language, expressing emotions and interacting with each other. Next day with camera men and sound engineers they went to shoot. One story, called The Boat was a mini story of pursuing dreams and the other one - The Necklace around items reminding us about some turning points in our life. It was an inspiring experience for student as they could perform on their own each stage of a film production. Mostly they enjoyed shooting obviously, however some of them found editing of the recorded material equally interesting. 

APT2 Short theatre plays
APT2 Short theatre plays APT2 Short theatre plays APT2 Short theatre plays
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