The aims of this activity are:

- Know the iconographic treatment of the human body through the great periods in prehistory, Classical Antiquity and the Middle Ages.

- Develop attitudes of rejection of any kind of sexist or social discrimination by physical appearance.

- Explore the relationship of the human body with the artistic field.

- Discover the value of the idealized representation of human body in the classical cultures .

- Understand the expressionist distortion of the anatomy in medieval Romanesque sculpture.

-Assess the realism and naturalism in art as a way of acceptance of the human body in Gothic Europe.

The students, in preparing for this activity, searched in books and on the internet information about the concept of female beauty through time. They realized a prezi presentation to share what they discovered with colleagues.

On November 7th they shared the knowledge gained to students in our school and debated the subjectivity of beauty and the way it was illustrated in art since antiquity.

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