The second Transnational Meeting of our Erasmus+ BODY project took place in Casalmaggiore in Italy. With our 5 partners, 18 teachers, we have developed the topics and options for this school year. We had many workshops and presentations of commun works, outcomes 2015-2016 for each school.
Romania, Poland, Portugal, England Italy and France -as coordinator- have decided for the commun actions 2016-2017.
We have created a booklet with 210 actions for the first year and have collected all links URL. It was the occasion to realize a quiz of satisfaction with statistics, have a look at Mobility Tool.
For finished we have organized the mobilities for 140 pupils.
To conclue, this year we'll have a course in France with the Bateau Feu, nationale scene of theater, and a congress with pupils, politics and specialists in Romania.
The collège Boris Vian of Coudekerque Branche is clearly invested in the excellence of pedagogy in Erasmus projects (Cultivons l'Europe, BODY, Vers une efficience pédagogique européenne).
With this project, our kids will spend two weeks with romanian and english. Portuguese will spend two weeks with polish and italian.
TM2 Italy
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Common Actions
A.MU1    Feel Music England
Create two pieces of music.
A cover version of a well known song.
A piece of music that represents your country/local area/school. (This piece has to include students using instruments.)
Recording format: MP3/4.
Each piece to be a maximum time of 3/4 minutes.
All recordings to be sent by 20th June  

A.H4    “A trip in time” performance Poland
Board game – each country to produce worksheet and 25-30 questions to Poland 1st March 2017
 at least  ten questions related to body: food, hygiene, health, diseases, …
Portugal – discoveries  Italy renaissance  England – Romans and Greeks
France WW2  Poland – Middle ages  Romania – WW1
Students to play board game in the congress in Romania

A.M2   The importance of maths in the care of the body/ Healthy eating menu: energy calculations Portugal 
Menu and calories in a canteen for one specific week – Portugal to send us a table    W/C 9th January 2017
What percentage eat in the canteen? Check numbers. Take a picture of plates each day 
All countries to complete table

A.O9     Bullying stops here.  Romania
The activity is to be carried out in two stages:
1. Each country makes two posters (Topics. Cyber bullying  and How bullying is dealt with in each school)
2. A 2-page presentation entitled “Bullying in my school” (pictures, articles, interviews)
Deadline – the end of November for the format of the magazine articles and end of March for the materials to be sent to Romania (

Transnational Meeting 3 Romania  9th to 14th October 2017

TM2 Italy
TM2 Italy
TM2 Italy
TM2 ItalyTM2 Italy
TM2 ItalyTM2 Italy
TM2 ItalyTM2 Italy
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