The activity took place in collaboration with the Professional Special School from our town and we also included the two Polish girls who are in middle mobility in our school. We aimed at promoting reading among young students and also at integrating deficient students in activities meant to develop their self-esteem.

At first we visited the school, our students getting an idea about what special needs education refers to. Afterwards we organized a reading club, trying to draw the students¢ attention on how useful and captivating reading can be.

In the end the military students and their younger friends exchanged ideas about their favourite reading genres and stories and the activity ended with some singing and playing games together. The girls from Poland tought them some words in their native language, being very appeciated by everybody.

There were some relaxing moments, worth remembering, really enriching for all the participants.

AO1 Reading timeAO1 Reading time
AO1 Reading time
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