1°Guess who ?

What you need:stickers, paper and pens

Prepare a sticker for each pupil with their names written on it

Each pupil writes a short  physical description of themselves (hair colour, skin colour, height, weight, age ….) One leader reads outloud the description , and the others have to guess who it is


2°Shoe Catching

What you need : a blanket, an open space or a large room

You ask the pupils to take  their shoes off. They keep one in their hand and place the other in the middle of a blanket. Two leaders wave the blanket so that the shoes might fly in the air and land far away. As soon as they can hear the whistle, the pupils rush to their own shoe. The last one is out of the game …..until there is no candidate left


3°Musical game

What you need:music and a ball (outside or inside)

The pupils are placed in a circle, the ball is given to one another, when the music stops, the pupil holding the ball is out.



What you need : nothing special, the items collected belong to the pupils and the leaders

The pupils are parted into two teams , they select for each quest a collector, the team gathering the highest number of items wins the game

a)collecting a white sock

b)collecting a watch

c)collecting an earring

d)collecting a red lipstick

e)collecting a green pencil

f)collecting a black bra

g)collecting batteries

h)collecting sugar


5°Passing by a paper

What you need : 2 papers , one pen

two teams standing up in a row. The leader writes a message to be said out loud on a paper. The pupils of each team has to pass the paper by without reading it to their neighbour and without touching it with their hands

The first pupil in the row (=the last pupil of each team) who reads the message outloud wins the game


6°Singing a song

What you need : a list of words that trigger a song

The leader claims out loud a word, the pupils put their hands up in the air as soon as they think of a song containing this word or is entitled with this word + singing

ex : happy →Happy

       town  →Uptown funk

       perdon →El Perdon

       star →a sky full of stars

       stay →stay with me

       me →all of me

       hello →hello

       love →all you need is love / everybody needs somebody

       go →let her go

       what →what do you mean

       leader →cheerleader

sunday → bloody sunday

one two three →chandelier



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