Students at work!Students at work!Students at work!

Students at work!

Aims and description:

•To foster sense of community

•To understand the impact environment has on the mental wellbeing of others

•To develop sense of teamwork and perseverance over time (gardening project)

(i)Christmas concert in Old People’s home

Lead by Bob Elliot, head of music, members of the school choir and music group organised a musical concert of festive songs and music to 30 residents of Salthouse Haven, a care facility for the Elderly, some of which have dementia and are receiving end of life care.

(ii) Eden Gardening project

Led by Laura Jones, Eden Project. Folowing the identification of disused, overgrown grounds in the local community, the school has take over the allotment area to create a community garden. The Community gardeners meet on a fortnightly basis to work the allotment, and learn more about growing plants and vegetables. In Summer months, primary school children also participate alongside their older siblings.

(i)Christmas concert in Old People’s home

Students felt privileged to be able to provide a joyful atmosphere for some of the city’s loneliest and most vulnerable residents. Bob Elliot commented that ‘Music has the ability to influence the moods of people and is a powerful tool to change outlooks’ The students felt that they had made a positive difference to the locals.

(ii) Eden Gardening project Students have a sense of resposibility and ownership for improving the outlook of what was a rundown unattractive mess. Local residents have commented that it looks better and also is a nice activity for young people to participate in.

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