AA2 A school decoration eventAA2 A school decoration event

Aims and description:

-To understand the importance of key Christian Festivals in our Church of England academy

-To work collaboratively to decorate the school and surroundings at special occasions

-To encouraging students to read more and engage in books (World Book Day)

Christmas decoration event

As a Church of England Academy, religious festivals play an important part in the calendar of the school and non moreso that Christmas. The school is lucky enough to have it’s very own chapel and prayer space, where students were encouraged to decorate the area with prayers for themselves, their families and peace. This was offered to all students within the academy and RE classes were held in the chapel to give students time for quiet reflection and to consider the importance of Christmas and family. In addition to asking students to decorate their tree with prayers, selected students from different year groups were asked to transform other areas of the school to reflect the festive season.

World Book Day 2016

A second important celebration in the school calendar is World Book Day – which took place this year on March 6th 2016. Led by a member fo the English department, children and staff were invited to come to school dressed as a character from a book, teachers were all asked for the names of their favourite books with reasons for their choices. This information was displayed outside of each classroom. Children were given a list of literary characters to find in the form of a bingo card and additionally, there was a competition for the best student outfit.

Both events created a buzz around the school and promoted two high profile events. Both events created a team ethos, with cooperation between children of different ages

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