Date: may 2016 (during short mobility with Lycée Jean Bart, France)


  • Improve emotional and sensorial abilities.
  • Workshops about body expression
  • physical maintenance
  • spatial orientation
  • healthy living habits
  • Music.


Brain development of people depends largely on the quantity and quality of the stimuli received from the environment our body and others who interact with him.

The activity would be carried out in a gym or large space where we could lie on the ground. One or two people would direct the activity, would say aloud what to do to stimulate every sense, supported (if possible) for some augmentative system, projector, laser, sounds ...

  • Tactile stimulation (by pairs)

-Massage Touring the muscles, ligaments and joints (proprioceptive system) by a slight pressure so that they send them to the brain information about their existence and positioning our body.

  • Visual stimulation

-A dark, stretched on the floor (mats), we can try to follow light stimuli, relax with a projector that emits visual images to follow ...


To recognize certain sounds of nature and comment what they remind us.

  • Gustatory stimulation (pairs)

With blindfolded try many different foods (sweet, salty, bitter ..) to identify and feel sensations.

  • Olfactory stimulation (pairs)

With eyes covered various scents smell like baby cologne, lemon, cinnamon, .. to identify and feel sensations.

  • Vestibular stimulation system

-Move in different positions in order to inform our brain about the location of the body in space and feel the law of gravity. We can also use the material (if you have) and large balls.

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