Title: My Body grand-father / My Body grandma


  • To share feelings among children and elderly people.
  • Teaching children values like responsibility through sending letters.
  • Improving writing skills inviting students to send letters to their “grand- mothers/fathers”.
  • Try to create a close relationship between each child with an elderly person.


  • Teacher explains the activity to their students: they will form pairs (1 child with 1 elderly person) and will establish a relationship by letters.
  • Second session: after sending letters by mail students visited the residence for the elderly meeting one another and at the same time creating a personal relationship.


In order to improve close relationships amongst young and elderly people we decided to involve young students (about 5–6 years old) with elderly people living in a residence for the elderly.

This way they could experience a double relationship: academic (for the children) and emotional (for both).


We could consider the results highly satisfactory because of enthusiastic participation of the children and because the grateful attitude of the grand-mothers/fathers.

It has been a great experience approaching two different collectives, childhood and old age.

Finally, this activity would be a great first step to create in a future a new childcare service inside residences for elderly people, a current social service already existing in some countries in the world.

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