APE3.   Dance sessions

APE3. Dance sessions

Number of sessions: 8

Participants: 60

Target group: 1ºBach. High School (17 years old)

Date: april – may 2015


  • To encourage students to take a profound interest in dance both physically and intellectually
  • To encourage creativity and innovation in all aspects of dance.
  • To explore dance making processes
  • To learn how to rehearse your dances
  • To construct dances in which composition theory is applied and embodied
  • To increase the understanding and development of movement for intent, content or expressivity.
  • To observe, write and speak clearly about dance composition: process and product.
  • To gain experience with interdisciplinary connections between dance and other art forms such as theatre, visual arts or music.
  • Development of principles of dance composition: form, space, time, dynamics and movement manipulation.


A long the different sessions, ten groups of 5-6 students had to create their own choreography, choosing the music and the style of dance. The different choreography has been shown in a final festival at the end of April.

APE3.   Dance sessions
APE3.   Dance sessions
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