• To involve students in this activity in order to develop some skills like: tolerance, awareness in world issues....

• Teaching the students how to practice the rules of a debate.

• Let/Allow the students to organize the debate themselves, respecting one another.

• Talk about current questions related to: politics, economy, society, culture...


We spent 4 sessions organizing this activity:

• First session: our first session was dedicated to choosing interesting and attractive subjects to discuss.

• Second session: dedicated to preparing groups of discussion, items, organization of the classroom, taking turn and others.

• Third session: we spent a session having a mock debate in order to practice the technique of discussion, to respect people turns,

• Fourth session: we dedicated the last one to celebrate the real debate recording it, to upload this activity on line.


The level chosen was 4th of ESO, because the pupils studying at this level are about 16-18 years old and in some cases they have an opinion about serious questions like: immigration, racism, environment...


Finally, we decided to debate about immigration, more precisely: Are you for or against building walls to stop the immigrants in Spain?”

The main arguments exposed were:

• Violation of human rights.

• Economic cost of the wall.

• International bad image of Spain as a tourist country.

• Exchange of cultures.

• Spain as a country since/from emigration to immigration.

• Immigrants as a new wealth for the country (personal, cultural, economic...).

As a conclusion, most of students disagree with this kind of wall considering that they do no stop immigration and besides do not solve the problem.

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