AMT6 Mastering of a foreign languageAMT6 Mastering of a foreign languageAMT6 Mastering of a foreign language

For several months, a group of students was led and coached by Thomas (actor) and Elena (dancer).

The main aim was to stage a text chosen by Thomas and create a choreography related to the script.

As a second step, they presented their work to an audience composed of adults, pupils from secondary and primary schools.

Three days before the performance, the group had to rehearse in the theatre. Everyone had to adjust their position according to the available space on the stage, train their voices to be heard by everyone in the audience. All the advice given by Elena and Thomas during the preparatory sessions suddenly became really meaningful.

On the day of the performance, a few adjustements were necessary because the stage was smaller than expected.

That live performance was very important for the students because they had to overcome their stress to achieve a goal. They realized they each had a responsibility and it was absolutely necessary for them to make the effort to learn the choreography and the text out of respect for the others and to offer the audience a good quality performance.

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