We started the activity with a pooling of the students’ knowledge. Then we watched an interactive video on the UNICEF website (and presented that institution): the students acquired new information (dates of treaties, differences between the countries, the 5 Fundamental Children’s Rights defined in the CRC (Convention on the Rights of the Child),

We focussed particularly on bullying in France and in their school.

Then the pupils formed groups of 2 or 3 and worked on one of the five questions chosen by all the partners ( deepening and synthesizing work). They wrote a text in French which they trained to say it in front of the camera splitting the text and sharing the sentences. Then they were filmed in groups.


A personal research work

A personal synthesis work

A filmed oral presentation.

One of the common questions has been voluntarily taken off from the list given to the students

(« How can financial crisis influence children's conditions in European countries ? Use your own country as an example in years 2008-2015 ») : we thought it pedagogically inappropriate to ask our pupils to answer that question which seemed too complex for their age and their level of knowledge. (the work would not have been personal)

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