APE3 Dance clubs
APE3 Dance clubsAPE3 Dance clubs

Dancing is a pleasant and relaxing way of spending time and creating bonds between people. Be they young or old, irrespective of their beliefs, music and dancing seem to be able to catch them all. Scientists have demonstrated that it is also a good therapy for everybody.

Dancing has been a tradition in our school for generations. What the project has brought to us is dancing in collaboration with students from partner schools. We managed to share this joy with the pupils from the Professional Special School from our town.

We had dance classes in our school. The students were taught different movements and dance techniques. Thus, they acquired ability to concentrate and relax and they developed their body and spatial awareness. They also increased their motor coordination . They also learned modern and traditional dances. They were taught to feel the rhythm and performed during different festivals. For this purpose we invited some professional choreographers.

In the end, all the efforts materialized in a show organized in our school.

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