In one of their timetabled lessons, children were asked to think and consider what their rights were as children and discuss them in groups of 4 – 5. After feeding back to the class, they were then shown videos about vulnerable children in different parts of the world and asked to reflect about their own experiences. Internet research about UNICEF and how it can help young people in developing nations followed and student were asked to consider how where a child is born can influence their rights and life chances. At this stage pupils were provided with the following questions to discuss in groups with a view to being filmed.

•What are your rights as a child

•How can where a child is born influence their rights and life chances

•How does UNICEF help children

•Who can help you if someone abuses your rights as a child

•Which of the children’s rights are most often broken at your school

•How can financial crisis influence children’s conditions in EU countries

As part of a common output by all partner school, we produced a three minute video of one group’s answers. Pupils were able to talk about how safe they felt at school but recognised that some people in England do feel bullied, they were able to articulate who could help them overcome any difficulties – and produced some excellent poster work showing this. The question they struggled with the most was about how financial crisis can impact on children’s conditions in the EU, but they were able to identify a link between low income and poor diet and discussed food banks too.

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