-20 students from Gdansk University.

-18 students from Gdańsku Zespół Kształcenia Podstawowego i Gimnazjalnego

-2 students from Collège Boris Vian France on a middle long mobility to Gdansk.

-Mrs Tambelli Sylwia, teacher at Gdańsku Zespół Kształcenia Podstawowego i Gimnazjalnego

-Mrs Jouglet Brigitte. Erasmus teacher at the collège Boris Vian, France


Diabetes and asthma: 2 common diseases. What do we know about them?


One group is to work on diabetes, and the second group is to work on asthma.

Without being given previous information about these two diseases, the students draw or write what they know about them on their sheets of paper.

Then, the students are gathered together in each group a person who suffers either from diabetes or for asthma gives them information about the disease: its origin, its treatment, consequences in everyday life, the importance of being medicated.

After that, the students go back to their sheets and correct what they have written before if necessary and add the missing information.

At the end of the workshops, the teacher from university responsible for the action tells the student they will be given a questionnaire in about one month time to assess the impact of the activity.

PH6 How to stay healthy
PH6 How to stay healthy
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